About Us

Objectives of the Organisation

 To conduct Continuing Medical Education Programmes in relation to Optometry to update the knowledge of members

 To conduct research in Optometry, encourage writing books and publishing, enablethe members to work towards bright future of the organization

 To demand before the Government and Health Authorities to get better pay, allowances and working conditions for Optometrists

 To give local help and speedy solutions to all professional issues affecting the members

 To conduct free eye camps for common people

 To meet the challenge of blindness and to stopthe huge loss to our economy

 To celebrated special occasions such as World Optometry Day, National Eye Donation Fortnight, World Sight Day, World Glaucoma Week etc

 To work to maintain religious harmony and national integration

 To participate in all NPCB activities to eradicate blindness

Recognition to Association

           Recognition is granted to Kerala Govt : Optometrists Association : subjected to conditions specified in Rule 77 of Kerala Government Servants conduct Rules, 1960. Recognition  is granted to this Association by personal and Administrative Reforms (Advice-c) Department. As per Go (MS) No: 25/95/P&ARD Thiruvananthapuram Dated 9.11.1995. The Association shall be described as Kerala Government  Optometrists Association. Serial Number. 285


       Optometrists / Ophthalmic Assistants / Refractionists / Orthoptists / District Ophthalmic Co-ordinators / Tutor Technicians / Netratechnician of various Government Institutions in Kerala.

Membership Fee

         Rs.50/- along with prescribed form of application is to be submitted to State Committee .Working Fund and donations from members are other  income to Association. Working fund of each years is decided by the state committee from time to time. Any member can submit any amount to state committee as donation 

State Committee

1. President           †††††† †††††††††††† -

2. Vice-presidents †††††† †††††††††††† -

3. Gen: Secretary  †††††† †††††††††††† -

4. Jt: Secretaries ††††††††† †††††††††††† -

5. Public Relation Secretary †† - 1

6. Treasurer †††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† -

7. Auditor ††††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† -

8. State Committee Members - 14 

For administrative purpose,  committee can co-opt. 3 members to state committee. 


Executive Committee

President, Gen. secretary,Jt. Secretaries , Treasurer & Auditor are the members of Executive Committee. 

Terms & Conditions

Tenure for administration committee is 1 year.

President is the supreme authority of Association and he/she presides for each and every meeting of Association. 

Vice presidents: has the right to support president for administration and can preside the meeting in the absence of president.

General Secretary:   He/ She has the right to act according to the decisions of state committee Gen: secretary  is the authorised person to call any meeting of association in consultation with President and has the right to collect income and doing expenditure as per decisions of  state committee. Gen: Secretary is the custodian of all movable and immovable articles of  Association.

Jt:Secretaries:  To support the Gen: secretary in action. 

Treasurer: To deposit the money in any Nationalised / Scheduled Bank on behalf of President /  Gen: Secretary and Treasurer.

A  copy of income and expenditure statement made by Gen: secretary is to be convinced to state Treasurer also. 

General body is the supreme authority of Association. And has the right to make any amendments in byelaws and has the right to remove any office bearers.

Kerala Government Optometristsí Association